Midway Market Butchery

In-house Butcher

Shoppers at the Midway Market Place IGA + Liquor can enjoy a service not afforded at regular supermarkets, an in-house butcher.

Generally at supermarkets today your meat is processed and packaged in bulk distribution points and shipped to multiple locations. You never know exactly where your chops have come from or how old they are when you buy them. Midway Butchery along with the entire Midway Market Place believes in old fashioned service and buying fresh local produce whenever possible. Having our own in-house butcher means our customers get the best of both worlds. You can still get your personalised cuts or that specially prepared rolled roast for Sunday lunch whilst still having the convenience of a large range of freshly prepared quality prepacked meat that you can choose from when you’re in hurry. As with everything we do at Midway rest assured you don’t pay any extra for the quality and service either.

Please drop in and say hello to Ray, Trav and Anne and they will be happy to discuss your next order and recommend some great meal ideas with this week’s great value specials!